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Encourage brainstorming on a more structured way of digital workflow management with explicit purposes.

Being organize & structure to complete a task in workflow is a smartest working habit. We want to promote a straight-forward working agenda for all professionals; and make all meeting and discussion on a working project an easy task.

Sharing the same view with you, DFM over years of experiences identify that RACI model is the most simplest and effective approach to define roles and responsibilities. We believed that by integrating RACI model into an organization’s Project Life Cycle (PLC) will creates a powerful synergy to enhance and improves every project outcomes.

DFM brings you a structure and clarity platform to describe the roles that stakeholders play within the organization on every task.

DFM is also function as a paperless & innovative digital secretary. Leaders could retrieve valid information and explicit documentation accurately, it provides an overview of your insights dashboard to sight the flow without micro-manage his/her executives

Accountable and respect all contributions to assign responsibility to take ownership of every task.

Promoting SMARTEST way of task management to cultivate collection of analytical data & information to strive for task accomplishment.

Less small talk in the meeting and know what's holding you back to improve on communication.

Information at a glance to focus on essential information for decision maker.

“We want to work effectively and efficiently to achieve the most out of the complicated workflow”
Low Tow Ling

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