DfM cafe is RACI oriented in managing Tasks to Start Smart

Why DfM cafe ?

Every company has that meetings thing every day or every now and then. Often, each different company would have a different way to gather a team to discuss about ideas, share information & knowledge and collaborate with one and another in the meeting.

The Directly Responsible Individual; DRI suggests that “Every company should have a No meeting Day”! Reason for why so? It is because HILTL has crafted a DfM collaboration tool to replace the time wasted at the meeting room. The advantages of having DfM is that every DRI is able to assess to the Situation, assign Task, take appropriate Actions and follow up to achieve effective Results:

It enables to eliminate the confusion of working roles and work redundancy

It provides structure, clarity & transparency for the role and workflow on the respective assigned task.

It provides a prompt & reliable resources to report & complete the assigned task. At such, no task would be oversight or mishandle.

it allows you a clear view to prioritize the importance of the assigned task and make decision timely & effectively

DfM cafe is designed to manage workflow in accordance to RACI model, it integrates digital on an application to allow you to work effectively and save time. It enables you to manage your asset in digital ways to identify the scope of project and agenda, assign task with RACI will make sure deadlines and budget are met to optimize CAPEX and OPEX costs to meet your customers’ expectation

A single person who has been assigned to do the task

Who will be answered to this task if something has goes right for approval or ever wrong for rejection? He or she is the person who calls the shot and makes final decision for the task being assigned to him or her as accountable, he or she will also sign off or approve when task, goal, objective or decision is consider complete

Who needs to tell more and provide inputs about the task being assigned to him or her before the task can be done and sign-off. He or she is always in the loop of the process for discussion with the responsible person of stakeholders

Someone must be provided updating on the task being assigned; on the progress and status of decision, but need not to be formally consulted, nor making decision or contribute directly to the task being assigned to him or her as informed.

Sharing Responsibility & Knowledge via integrated Digital Flow Management

Working to bounce ideas off each other in a judgement-free environment is always being streamlined to smart and agile management

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