It’s all about the human intelligence

“Start Smart – Smart Task” By HiLTL DfM

1985 - 1996

At Sea

1996 - Now

On Shore

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To identify & recognize the ability to work effectively in transition between tasks


In sharing a common platform to discuss ideas & collaborate information to accomplish the task seamlessly


To organize & standardize the structure of the responsibility - Arrange the sequence of workflow & task management in consistency - Keeping the process agile, valid and up-to-date.

L'applicazione mobile del sito web è disponibile per tutti i dispositivi, sia smartphone che tablet, con sistema operativo Android e iOS.


ROWE - Result Only Work Environment – This is to save time by buying time to work smart & achieve smart goal.

Our Services

We provide consultation, training & implementation services to continue improving the application 

Develop Software As A Services to your required needs in workflows and processes  – Digital Flow Management solution

Shipmanagement startup or consultation service to maritime management / ship owners / shipping community

Digital Fleet Management – Development and Implementation other workflow process

Capex / Opex budgetary review and costs optimization services

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